Aliexpress Shopping Guide | How to safe shopping from Aliexpress ?

Hey, Guys! Are you shopping at Aliexpress? Or do you want to buy from Aliexpress? If yes, I know what you are always thinking? Is the product of good quality? Is the seller trusted or scammer? Will my shopping be safe? When I want to buy something from Aliexpress, I ask questions to myself. I am a Level A4 Buyer on Aliexpress. From my experience, today I will discuss the Aliexpress Shopping Guide.  This guide helps you to know how to do safe shopping from Aliexpress and how to avoid a scam product and seller on Aliexpress.

Before buying anything from Aliexpress, I am following some shopping tips for selecting a product. Undoubtedly you will be a smart buyer if you follow my Aliexpress Shopping Guide.  Oh! Maybe you guys are getting bored because I am talking too much. Sorry, guys, no more waiting; let me discuss last shopping tips for Aliexpress below.

Aliexpress Shopping Guide | Ultimate Shopping Tips:

1. Product Details:

It is a significant point. Aliexpress has a buyer protection policy. If the purchaser does not receive the product according to a product description, the seller will refund the amount to the buyer. So, you must read product details before buying.

Suppose you are going to buy a SmartWatch from Aliexpress. At first, you think why you want to purchase a smartwatch. After that, go to product details, item specifics, product description, main features, and benefits. Read everything very carefully word for word; please don’t do hurry up. If you find everything in product details as per your expectation, you can select that product for buying. Otherwise, forget that product.

Apply these shopping tips, whatever you want to buy from Aliexpress.

2. Seller Feedback:

On top of the product, you will see the seller feedback scores. Then click on store name and go to the feedback menu. You will find a picture like one given below about the seller’s feedback details.

Aliexpress Shopping Guide . Seller Feedback


I know you are confused about the above picture. Don’t worry; I am going to analyze the seller feedback point to point below.

  1. Positive Feedback: Level of buyer satisfaction- it means how many percent buyers are satisfied with this seller.
  2. Feedback Score: Level of seller trust. The more feedback scores, the more highly the seller will be trusted.
  3. Seller Since: This is the seller’s joining date on Aliexpress.
  4. Item as described: This is the item’s corresponding The rating came from buyers after receiving a product.
  5. Communication: Rating depends on how frequently the seller communicates with the buyer.
  6. Shipping Speed: How fast the seller conducts shipping to a buyer.
  7. Feedback History: How many items the seller sold last year.

Finally, you can consider a seller as a trusted one, if his positive feedback percentage, feedback score, item description, communication, and shipping speed rating are 90% on an average. And also, his last three months’ sold items quantity should be considered.

3. Buyer Reviews:

On Aliexpress every product has feedback option; there you will find all buyers’ reviews about the product. Before buying, you must check the product feedback rating and read the buyer feedback about the product.  It will help you know about product quality. Sometimes a new product doesn’t have feedback. In that case, you follow seller feedback.

4. Find Top Brands:

Aliexpress Shopping Guide - Ultimate Shopping Tips - Find Top Brands.

If you want to buy something from Aliexpress, firstly, you will check top brands’ products. You know, why? Because top brands are in top-rated stores on Aliexpress. Personally, I like shopping at these stores, because I am either directly buying from the name itself or an authorized reseller. One more reason is that Aliexpress has verified the store.

5. Read Question and Answer:

On Aliexpress every product has a great feature, and the caption is “Questions & Answers.” The feature is available in Aliexpress Apps. Mainly, I like that feature.  If any buyer asks questions about the product, other buyers who bought and used the product give answers. You also can ask, if you want to know any information. From this feature, you can get the idea about product quality, whether the product is suitable for you or not and whatever you want. So, before buying something, ask and read all answers on that feature.

6. Chat with the seller:

If you have any doubt about the product, the best thing you can do is contacting the seller directly. Whatever you want to know about the product, just send a text to the seller. A good seller will reply to you so fast and resolve it very nicely.

Aliexpress Shopping Guide - Ultimate Shopping Tips - How to get Discount by chatting.

Do you want to get a special discount? I tell you one secret tip. If I like to buy any product, I ask the seller for some discount or free shipment. Applying this tip, I got 90 percent success. I know, after using this tip, undoubtedly, you will give me thanks.

7. Return Policy and Seller Guarantees:

For buyer protection, Aliexpress is following “zero tolerance” policy. Aliexpress buyer protection policy is that full refunding (including shipment cost) is done if a buyer doesn’t receive his ordered product.  And full or partial refunding is done if the product is not the same as described.

Aliexpress Shopping Guide - Ultimate Shopping Tips - Return Policy and Seller Guarantees.

Some sellers offer their own set of guarantees. Definitely, you make sure before purchasing that the seller is agreed with Aliexpress buyer protection policy. You will find it in Seller Guarantees option or under the product price. Notably, before buying top brands and expensive products, carefully check seller guarantees.

8. Product warranty and support:

Aliexpress Shopping Guide - Ultimate Shopping Tips - Product warranty and support.

You should definitely look at the product warranty and support to buy costly and branded products, especially, when you are going to buy a mobile phone, laptop, computer, notepad and other consumer electronic products on Aliexpress. Either you will find the product warranty and support in product details, or you can ask the seller about them through the messaging system.

9. Checking Package List:

Aliexpress Shopping Guide - Ultimate Shopping Tips - Checking Package List.

You know that most of the time essential information is included in the product package list. The seller mentions things supporting the product on the package list. Suppose you want to buy a mobile phone. For using the mobile, you also need a charger, earphone, screen protector, cover, etc. Sometimes all the necessary items are not included with phone set, or they excluded mistakenly. That’s why, before placing an order you should check package list of what else the seller included with your primary product.

10. Thanking about Free Shipping for expensive items:

Free shipping is usually sent through the National Postal service. But sometimes it takes a long time to reach. Another problem for free shipping is that there is a risk of the items being damaged and lost from transit. So, while purchasing any expensive things, don’t use free shipping method. My recommendation is that for costly items use express shipping service like DHL, EMS, TNT, FedEx, etc. However, you can use the free shipping method for low price’s products.

11. Stay careful about meager price:

If you realize the product price is abnormally smaller than the actual product value, I recommend avoiding it. Notably, for a brand product, always avert low cost.

12. Don’t pay directly to Seller Bank Account:

If any seller sends you a proposal for paying directly with his bank account, just forget that seller.

13. Calculating Customs duties/tax:

Before placing an order, you have to think about your country’s import tax. You can get the low prices’ items without customs duties, but customs duties will apply to expensive products. So, before purchasing you should check your country’s import rules and regulations and customs duties rate. It will help you cover your budget.

14. Before confirming, use the product:

After receiving your parcel, don’t be excited and don’t click on “Confirm order received” button. At first, check everything off the product and use it. If you are satisfied with your received product, then click on “Confirm order received” button.

15. Open dispute And Product Review:

After receiving your order if you find any counterfeits of the product, you must open a dispute with proper evidence. At last, write an actual feedback on your experience about your bought product. Your honest feedback will help the buyer, seller and also Aliexpress.

Finally, I can say you if you follow this Aliexpress Shopping Guide, you will be a smart buyer.  Don’t worry to shop from Aliexpress. Now you know how to buy safely from Aliexpress and also how to avoid a scam product and seller. If you have any suggestion, put it in the comment box below. I will add that to the article. It will be helpful for other buyers who also want to shop from Aliexpress.




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